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Creating confidence.

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Working with groups and teams

We work with groups and teams on their mental game by offering interactive workshops, team building sessions and performance seminars.

Successful workshops begin with a clear understanding of the needs and goals of the group; are tailored to meet these ambitions; and provide skills that everyone can benefit from.

Group sessions include:

  • Team dynamics
  • Leadership styles
  • Mental toughness training
  • Goal setting
  • Communication and feedback
  • The importance of trust
  • Being accountable
  • Strong team values
  • Understanding team roles

Workshops can be for entire teams, coaching staff or both. Group sessions can help athletes increase their awareness of team dynamics and the importance of a supportive team culture. And for coaches, these workshops can be an opportunity to develop their leadership strategies and communication skills.

Create your vision

We work with athletes and coaching staff to develop a shared vision for their team. It should challenge the team to reach for their goals and be accountable to the vision.

A great vision statement should inspire and connect with everyone!

Presentations to teams and clubs. We can also arrange a talk for you and your training buddies

Our goal is that every athlete leaves our presentations reflective, motivated and focused with skills they can put into practice straight away to improve their performance, and build faith and confidence in their potential.

Presentations include:

  • Believe in your ability to succeed
  • Finding your mantra
  • Creating your world class pre-race / pre-game routine
  • Coming back from injury
  • Putting your best self out there in training and competition
  • How to handle mental blocks
  • Focus not frustration

Next step

We can travel to teams and clubs; create bespoke workshops; and present to groups online. Contact us to discuss the needs of your group and find out how we can help you.