Kaz Williams

If not now...when?

My call to action.

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Hi, I’m Kaz

A few years ago I had a now-or-never moment. Deep down, I realised I wasn’t on my true path…but I didn’t know what my true path was?

My passions are trail running and pushing myself physically and mentally. Life experiences have a theme. I want to help people seek out challenges that take them out of their comfort zone, because I know how great it feels and I want them to know what it feels like…when the wheels come off.

So how do we adapt, improvise and overcome these difficult moments?

Psychology and human behaviour have always fascinated me, particularly in sport and endurance adventures.

With a PhD in ethnography and MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology, I have studied our power to perform, to the very best of our ability, when in stressful situations or when faced with adversity. What is it about our fears, courage, resilience and mindset that drives us to succeed…or sabotages us?

I bring a deep understanding of the importance of mental toughness and it has even contributed to my own successful race experiences. And oftentimes, even failing to finish a race can become our greatest lesson. Because sometimes, it is our mental game that fails us.

I have learned that we can all benefit from mental training, whether it’s to build confidence, get motivated, overcome a problem or enhance our performance.

My goal is to help you achieve your goals.

I am passionate about helping you believe in you. To support you reach your ambitions and find happiness in your sport and personal challenges.

All approaches, tools and ideas used in one-to-one sessions and group workshops are science-based and provide a way of helping with decision making, establishing coping strategies and learning new behaviours to bring out the hero in you!